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Discover Kursunlu

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Discover Kursunlu

Kursunlu waterfall is located in one of the national parks of Antalya. The dense of forest area which was made into a Natural Park in 1991, has a rich plant life combined with interesting water and rock formations which makes Kursunlu Waterfall an unique natural landscape.

The cluster pine is the dominant tree species in the area, with small groups of eastern plane, laurel, carob, wild olive, mastic, willow, fig, myrtle, oleander, blackberry, wild rose, tamarisk, spruce, kermes oak, thyme, wild mint, beech tree, bracken and ivy. On the water, there are clusters of water mint, bamboo, water chandelier, and green water lilies.

Animals like wild boar, fox, rabbit, squirrel, bat, hoopoe, woodpecker, stock dove, carp, water tortoise, snake and lizard can be found during your trekking experience in the Natural Park.

We recommend April and May as the best months to visit but the national park is open all year round. 

Discover Kursunlu
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